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spaced jar jar binks
So... My current lodger is moving out because he has been behaving like an absolute tool and its just not funny anymore. Its all been agreed and he leaves on the 10th. So I interviewed some people for the room and the one that seemed really good has agreed to move in and paid her deposit etc.

Now then, she decided to tell me yesterday that the reason she needed her own place was because she didnt get on with her parents. This was all based around an incident when she was 14 when she started having sex with a 27 year old guy. The police were involved at the time obviously because its completely frikkin illegal not to mention unethical on his part. Now she says she is going to have this guy around because now she is 18 she can see him without the police getting involved.

Im not sure I want that in my house. I refer to him as "that" for reasons that should be clear. But can I say, without sounding like a total douche bag, that  she can not have this person here, or should I be telling her that she just shouldnt move in? Ive never had to deal with this sort of a situation before. 

What do you guys think?

Writer's Block: Into the night
Tardis Sneakers
How would you describe your perfect evening in six words (e.g., I stayed home and ate pasta)?

I had wine with awesome friends.

spaced jar jar binks
Dammit! I've started suffering from insomnia again.... Some have suggested that this is a side affect of my new diet.... Others, who I'm more inclined to believe, have suggested that its because 8 out of 10 of my shifts lately have been cancelled and I'm not doing anything during the day. Either way its fucking annoying. >.<

So I got a grand total of 45 minutes sleep last night and I just KNOW that today my shift wont be cancelled so I will be working like the .... working dead! Meh, I have an excuse. I've already started looking for a new client. Its a tough decision to make though. Do I leave my current client because of shift cancellations, (even though I still get paid) or do I stick with her?

The two arguments for this are that firstly I became a nurse to help people, through bad and good, and my departure from her employment COULD potentially make the depression, anxiety and hyypermania worse. Or that I should leave and get a new client because my life is becoming empty and I'm unable to make any plans in case I do get called in..... Damn I wish I hadn't given up drinking.


Tardis Sneakers
 Seriously, there are not enough Noms in the world to describe how good this green curry I just made is. Hot hot! But oh so gooooood!

That is all. 

If celebs hadnt actually made it..
Tardis Sneakers
Do you ever wonder what some celebs would get up to if they hadnt actually made it famous?

I do...often.

So heres the start of a weekly "Celebs that didnt make it" picture post. This week, Bill Bailey.


(no subject)
Spaced Gang
 What better way to start a chilled out Sunday than watching a Top Gear marathon on Dave? This may actually end up being my whole day because I have nothing other to do, except wash the sofa throw that the cat decided to poo on last night. That was an unpleasant surprise this morning >.<

I've got a sneaky feeling that I wont have a shift tomorrow again either. My client is going through some serious depression and pulling her parents in more and more. Which kinda defeats the object because part of my role is respite for them and they are getting exhausted, but obviously as their parents they are doing what she wants. Ah well, not a lot I can do other than be bored on cancelled shifts. 

Well, for the geeks out there here is a piss take view on the game that I will more than likely end up playing later...

Grumpy bumps and happy twinkles
Doc screwdriver
Split mood today. Mainly due to having yet another shift cancelled and then realising that actually it was a beautiful day and I was about to spend some of it in the garden.

All I can say is thank the gods I still get paid on shift cancellations. Albeit a very unpredictable week, its quite nice to have the time to do things around here. I just cant plan in advance. 

Achey arms from the workouts Ive been doing lately! No pain no gain eh? Ive been putting off a well needed clothes shopping trip until at least the week before I go to Edinburgh, ( April/May), just in case I actually lose enough weight/widen in the arms before then. 

I have no plans for the evening but I would imagine I will turn on the PS3 at some point until my fingers go numb from playing... Happy times in the dinner department, I keep going to the fridge and smiling at that steak that I will be cooking up later....

Small changes take a long time...
Tardis Sneakers
So I've scored a bonus paid day off today, which most would say is pretty awesome but I know for a fact I'm going to be mind numbingly bored unless I pull my finger out and crack on with one of the many jobs that need doing around here.

You should probably take note of my job now. I'm a nurse, privately employed to care for a client with a physical disability and some mental health problems. Because of this my days off are very much welcomed but I tend to have not planned anything for those days sooooo..... hence the boredom and my laziness to do anything productive.

I seem to have gotten stuck in a vicious cycle of watching the constant re-runs of Top Gear on Dave.... This isn't helping me get up and do things.

Aha! Im going to trawl for new userpics, seeing as I only have one in this account then it seems as productive as anything else. :D 

Not a million widows from a deathly silence
Tardis Sneakers
Despite a rather morbid title, this isn't a sadly swollen suicidal post intended to capture the attention of those with an interest in the failings of others.  

Its actually a reference to post Valentines day euphoria. My own in fact. I'm still greedily sucking up all the negativity displayed by people on my friends lists, on various social networking sites, which pertain to how they are either hating the fact that Valentines day exists or actively trying to have the day itself expunged from the calendar completely. 

Now I'm not saying any of these people are wrong in their opinions of a hallmarked revolution. But perhaps I am saying, just let it go. Its been, it will come again. Save it all for next year. 

Lets, however, brighten things up a little. For all you smoking enthusiasts out there you will be pleased to hear that I have decided to quite smoking. Its not going very well.... But...Meh.. I figure if I truly give up smoking now then my other goal of losing about a stone in weight will also be royally fucked up so its not so important as I first thought. Now I should point out that although I consider myself a little "heavy", Im not actually overweight. My goal is to lose the fat weight and put it back in "muscle", whatever that is. I'm sure Ill figure it out. 

I was going to make this an extremely interactive post but being the first post on my new account, having shed a few virtual pounds in friends from my other account, it seemed fruitless so you will just have to wait for that one......