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Grumpy bumps and happy twinkles
Doc screwdriver
Split mood today. Mainly due to having yet another shift cancelled and then realising that actually it was a beautiful day and I was about to spend some of it in the garden.

All I can say is thank the gods I still get paid on shift cancellations. Albeit a very unpredictable week, its quite nice to have the time to do things around here. I just cant plan in advance. 

Achey arms from the workouts Ive been doing lately! No pain no gain eh? Ive been putting off a well needed clothes shopping trip until at least the week before I go to Edinburgh, ( April/May), just in case I actually lose enough weight/widen in the arms before then. 

I have no plans for the evening but I would imagine I will turn on the PS3 at some point until my fingers go numb from playing... Happy times in the dinner department, I keep going to the fridge and smiling at that steak that I will be cooking up later....