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spaced jar jar binks
Dammit! I've started suffering from insomnia again.... Some have suggested that this is a side affect of my new diet.... Others, who I'm more inclined to believe, have suggested that its because 8 out of 10 of my shifts lately have been cancelled and I'm not doing anything during the day. Either way its fucking annoying. >.<

So I got a grand total of 45 minutes sleep last night and I just KNOW that today my shift wont be cancelled so I will be working like the .... working dead! Meh, I have an excuse. I've already started looking for a new client. Its a tough decision to make though. Do I leave my current client because of shift cancellations, (even though I still get paid) or do I stick with her?

The two arguments for this are that firstly I became a nurse to help people, through bad and good, and my departure from her employment COULD potentially make the depression, anxiety and hyypermania worse. Or that I should leave and get a new client because my life is becoming empty and I'm unable to make any plans in case I do get called in..... Damn I wish I hadn't given up drinking.