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spaced jar jar binks
So... My current lodger is moving out because he has been behaving like an absolute tool and its just not funny anymore. Its all been agreed and he leaves on the 10th. So I interviewed some people for the room and the one that seemed really good has agreed to move in and paid her deposit etc.

Now then, she decided to tell me yesterday that the reason she needed her own place was because she didnt get on with her parents. This was all based around an incident when she was 14 when she started having sex with a 27 year old guy. The police were involved at the time obviously because its completely frikkin illegal not to mention unethical on his part. Now she says she is going to have this guy around because now she is 18 she can see him without the police getting involved.

Im not sure I want that in my house. I refer to him as "that" for reasons that should be clear. But can I say, without sounding like a total douche bag, that  she can not have this person here, or should I be telling her that she just shouldnt move in? Ive never had to deal with this sort of a situation before. 

What do you guys think?

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Definitely tell her, b/c it's going to cause never-ending drama and she's just barely moving in. You can find a decent roomie w/some time.

I think this may be the case too. Ive invited her round to discuss it this morning. Update later!

Sounds like on-going drama that you may not want...

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